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TENDON Smart Lite 9.8

Single dynamic rope with 9.8 mm diameter. Excellent in every environment and for every use (climbing, glacier crossing); Suitable also for beginners.
Available in different lengths: 50, 60, 70, 80, 200m.
Great value for money!
Produced by Tendon, distributed in NL by HET TOUWHUIS.
For a complete overview of the full range please visit www.mytendon.com

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TENDON Smart Lite 9.8


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationTypeDiameter (mm)Lenght (m)ColourMaterialWeight (g/m)Number of fallsSheat slippageDynamic elongation (%)Load (kN)
D098TS41S050C0 € 174,24CE EN 892Single9.850GreenPA6470.134
D098TS41S060C1 € 209,09CE EN 892Single9.860GreenPA6470.134/
D098TS41S070C2 € 243,94CE EN 892Single9.870GreenPA6470.134/
D098TS41S080C3 € 278,78CE EN 892Single9.880GreenPA6470.134/
D098TS41S200C4 € 696,96CE EN 892Single9.8200GreenPA6470.134
D098TS42S050C5 € 174,24CE EN 892Single9.850RedPA6470.134
D098TS42S060C6 € 209,09CE EN 892Single9.860RedPA6470.134/
D098TS42S070C7 € 243,94CE EN 892Single9.870RedPA6470.134/
D098TS42S080C8 € 278,78CE EN 892Single9.880RedPA6470.134/
D098TS42S200C9 € 696,96CE EN 892Single9.8200RedPA6470.134

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