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Anchoring device | stainless steel | AISI 316

Anchoring device made of AISI 316 stainless steel. It is composed of an expansion plug and a plate. Suitable to be used in indoor and outdoor environments that are not aggressive enough to cause stress corrosion cracking (SCC).
Versions with expansion plugs M10x70mm and M12x90mm.
Tested EN 959:2018 Class 2 and UIAA.

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Anchor Kit


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)Load (kN)SizeColourLength (mm)Hole diameter (mm)
836070000KK1 € 17,55EN 959 UIAAStainless Steel AISI 31692//Polished70/
836080000KK2 € 23,18EN 959 UIAAStainless Steel AISI 316132//Polished90/