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Light and compact 10-point aluminum crampons, designed for ski mountaineering and progression on snow.

•    Available in automatic and semi-automatic versions, with an ultra-resistant safety cable.
•    Structure in light aluminum alloy.
•    Innovative system for extremely accurate and stable micro-adjustment of the fit, without the use of tools.
•    Innovative rigid/foldable connection system which allows the crampon to bend on itself, reducing the overall dimensions for transport. At the same time, it ensures maximum shoe stability and reliability during progression.
•    Special adjustable closure buckle on the security sling is fast and practical during inclination changes.
•    Made in Italy!

Supplied with:
•    Ultra compact Cordura bag 
•    Removable front and rear Antibott
•    Double sized connecting bars (37 ÷ 43) (42 ÷ 47)

Rutor is the aluminum crampon designed for the demanding ski mountaineer who wants a light performance tool which is safe and reliable in every situation.

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Rutor (Automatic)


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8A410A000KK1 € 284,25CE EN 893Alu alloy48010Automatic