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Telescopic trekking pole

Telescopic trekking pole characterized by its triangular cross-section which grants considerable rigidity against bending.
Formed by three aluminum telescopic segments with notches for adjustment.
Maximum length 135 cm.
Ergonomic ERGO foam handgrip and adjustable webbing for perfect grip in any situation.
Supplied with two different sized baskets and tip cover for transport.

Weight: 260 g
Length open: 110-135 cm
Length closed: 65 cm
Material: Aluminum
Handle: Ergo foam
Basket: small 54 mm - large 87 mm
Tip: Carbide

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Artikelnummer#PrijsMaterialWeight (g)Min. length (cm)Max length (cm)
996500000KK1 € 100,82Alu alloy26065135