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ELEVATING WORK PLATFORM FALL ARRESTERSThe boom of elevating work platforms, technically called EWP but better known as platforms or baskets, has introduced new working practices and new security issues.For what concern the evaluation of the risks related to the working conditions of the operator on the EWP with articulated arm, Kong deals with issues arising from the upward projection (catapult effect), can be caused by stranding the basket, from any failure of the lift system or improper use.Kong offers some solutions to secure the operator by reducing most of the risks. Features: retractable fall arrester with integrated textile dissipator ideal solution for rentals or less experienced users as it automatically adapts to the user's height equipped with a textile ring to create the anchor point to the basket

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationLength (cm)Weight (g)Colour
982SET055KK1 € 474,32EN 360MAX 205 CM1170/