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- Bag for carrying ropes and equipment, with concealable, comfortable padded shoulder straps and removable wide lumbar support.
- Haul loops of different lengths for barycentric suspension.
- Wide opening for convenient access to the bag’s contents.
- Inner roll closure with aluminium buckle and external drawstring closure.
- Side opening equipped with an ultra-resistant size 10 nylon zip with a protective anti-rubbing flap and an automatic button that prevents accidental opening.
- Rear identification label
- Rear loop for suspension
- Transparent side pocket to hold an identification tag.
- Internal removable pocket with zipper and textile loops for storing the smallest of tools.
- Made of extremely durable PVC.
- Reinforced bottom with wear-resistant edge.
- Double seams at the points of greatest stress.
- 50L capacity which is expandable to 60L.

Optional: 5 mm thick bottom pad #982524011KK made in EPE (expanded polyethylene) with a rigid insert on the outer bottom made in polypropylene, which:
- Stiffens the bottom to guarantee the stability of the bag
- Protects the bottom from sharp objects that could damage it, such as drill bits, blades, ice axes, avalanche probes, etc.
- Can be used in emergency as a bowl of water for pets or as a container for small objects

Height 55 cm (plus extension 20cm)
Width 33 cm
Depth 25 cm



- Lightweight and comfortable backpack for carrying personal equipment.
- It can be fixed inside the bag OMNI BAG through dedicated attachment points.
- Opening with 270° double slider zip.
- Inside the backpack there are 3 large textile loops and one small textile loop that allow the organized positioning of the equipment.
- Internal pocket with zip for documents.
- Capacity 8 l
- Black and orange color.
- For personal identification there is a label on which you can write references or useful information.
- Reflective strip for identification even in the presence of poor lighting.

Height 50 cm
Width 26 cm
Depth 6 cm
Weight 255 g

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Omni Bag


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