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Oval quick link | large opening

Oval stainless steel 316 quick link with large opening.

The elongated shape allows a larger opening of the gate.

Available in different sizes.

High quality, tested piece by piece.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsStandardsMaterialColourMajor axis load M.B.S. (kN)Minor axis load M.B.S. (kN)Main axis load B.L. (kg)Main axis load W.L.L. (kg)Weight (g)A - Length (mm)B - Width (mm)C - Body diameter (mm)D - Rope diameter (mm)
527EC0P0PKK0 € 13,26/Stainless steel 316Polish//4900980858937.5817.5
527FC0P0PKK1 € 15,85/Stainless steel 316Polish//625012501159541919
527IC0P0PKK2 € 26,35/Stainless steel 316Polish//80001600160105.545.51020.5
527MC0P0PKK3 € 29,40/Stainless steel 316Polish//11000220026012452.51223.5