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Floating kit for stretchers

Floating kit for stretchers, designed and tested for KONG ROLLY, 911 NET FULL, HIVE and ARMOR stretcher models to ensure correct buoyancy.
The kit consists of three cylinders, two pieces of 1 m length and one piece of 0.4 m length.
Each cylinder is equipped with two fastening straps with quick release plastic buckles for quick and easy adjustment.
The two 1 m long cylinders must be positioned on the sides of the stretcher, as near as possible towards the patient's head.
The 0.4 m long cylinder must be fastened at the top of the head.
Each cylinder is equipped with two belts sewn lengthwise to form a series of loops that make it easy to position the fastening straps correctly.
Each cylinder can be opened at one of the extremities via zipper for inspecting the floating material and to facilitate drying and cleaning.
The coating is made of robust yellow Naizil (PVC) which is easily identified in the water and effectively protects the floating material.
High quality product, made in Italy!

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880020300KK0 € 842,86/PVC2500Yellow