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quick release for helicopters evacuation | alu alloy | 3 versions

Brand new device designed for the release of fast ropes used during fast evacuation from helicopter.
Available in three versions, with two sizes of slots for helicopter winch, fixed or openable, to suit all kind of hooks.
Wide passage to use all types of fast ropes.
Push-button release system fitted with safety pin.
It can also be used with metal terminations.
Made of light aluminum alloy.
Tested for maximum 12 people.
Revolutionary high quality product, fully developed and made in Italy!

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Quick Release QRK


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)Load (kN)SizeColourLength (mm)Hole diameter (mm)Notes
88101N004KK0 € 6.534,-CEN TS 16415
CE EN 795:12 A/B
Alu alloy1700/1Black18619Small Slot
88102N004KK0 € 6.534,-CEN TS 16415
CE EN 795:12 A/B
Alu alloy1720/2Black18650Openable big slot
88103N004KK0 € 6.534,-CEN TS 16415
CE EN 795:12 A/B
Alu alloy1715/3Black18650Fixed big slot