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3B Slight is a harness that gives you wings. It's so light and comfortable you won't even notice it. It features three aluminium buckles that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the harness. It's perfect for climbing walls and mountains where you need to feel free and safe. The Slight is made of high quality material that evenly distributes the impact from a fall and guarantees you maximum comfort. It also has four asymmetrical gear loops that can store everything you need. 3B Slight is a harness that will never let you down. It's your reliable partner on the road to adventure.

Light weight - maximum comfort - freedom of movement

Ultralight and ultrathin harness thanks to the excellent properties of the chosen material. The force of a fall is efficiently distributed throughout the entire padding.
3 aluminium (AL 7075) quick release buckles (1 on the waist belt, 1 on each leg belt).
Innovative, lightweight ergonomic padding
4 asymmetric gear loops (max. 5 kg).
Made in EU.

XS (67-74), S (70-77), M (76-83), L (80-87), XL (85-92)
XS (46-55), S (50-58), M (54-62), L (56-68), XL (59-69)

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3B Slight


CUS002.000+0002S60080000 € 157,54XS859557010371563079098310gEN 12277black-lime
CUS002.000+0003S60080000 € 157,54S859557010373963079098310gEN 12277black-lime
CUS002.000+0004S60080000 € 157,54M859557010375363079098310gEN 12277black-lime
CUS002.000+0005S60080000 € 157,54L859557010377763079098310gEN 12277black-lime
CUS002.000+0006S60080000 € 157,54XL859557010379163079098310gEN 12277black-lime
CUS002.000+0002S40080000 € 157,54XS859557010370863079098310gEN 12277black-aqua
CUS002.000+0003S40080000 € 157,54S859557010372263079098310gEN 12277black-aqua
CUS002.000+0004S40080000 € 157,54M859557010374663079098310gEN 12277black-aqua
CUS002.000+0005S40080000 € 157,54L859557010376063079098310gEN 12277black-aqua
CUS002.000+0006S40080000 € 157,54XL859557010378463079098310gEN 12277black-aqua