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4B Akatta in a black color is a 4-buckle harness designed especially for sport climbing, multi-pitch and mountaineering. 4B Akatta is a fully-adjustable and comfortable sport climbing harness. 4B Akatta has lightweight padded construction. Breathable padding includes small holes in the foam padding on the waist and legs. Distribution of the force is transmitted around the waist with 4 straps, around the legs with 3 straps. This harness offers maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Optimal distribution of fall load throughout the harness.

4 aluminum QB buckles.
4 gear loops
Haul loop
2 slots for carrying tools.
Durable belay loop.
Breathable padding

Made in EU.

XS-M (67-85), M-XL (80-100)
XS-M (46-60), M-XL (56-69)

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4B Akatta


CUA005.982+0234S00080000 € 150,65XS-M859557010341863079098391.1gEN 12277black
CUA005.982+0456S00080000 € 150,65M-XL859557010342563079098391.1gEN 12277black