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If you're looking for a harness that allows you to climb the highest peaks and tallest walls, then the 4B Slight is for you.

This harness is so light and thin you won't even notice it on your body. But don't worry, it's also very strong and secure, thanks to the high quality material and four aluminium buckles (2 on the waist belt and 1 on each leg loop). And that's not all, the Slight 4B also has four asymmetrical gear loops to help you keep your gear organized. Each gear loop holds up to 5kg of gear. And you know what's best? The 4B Slight is made in the EU, so you're supporting a local manufacturer.

4B Slight is a harness that will never let you down. It's your reliable partner for every climbing challenge.

4 Aluminium (AL 7075) quick buckles – 12 mm legs, 16 mm waist.
Innovative ergonomic waist and legs.
4 Asymmetric gear loops (5 kg).
Light weight belay loop in a contrasting colour (width 12 mm, 15 kN).

XS-M (67-85), M-XL (80-100)
XS-M (46-60), M-XL (56-69)

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4B Slight


CUS003.000+0234S50080000 € 168,80XS-M859557010381463079098342gEN 12277black-red
CUS003.000+0456S50080000 € 168,80M-XL859557010380763079098342gEN 12277black-red