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Streak Rental is a robust and durable harness for use on indoor climbing walls and as a rental. Design is based on popular Streak harness including the fully adjustable and moveable strap on the waist. Compared to the Streak, it has a better, stronger solution for the belay loop and lower tie in loop, which greatly reduces the risk of tying in improperly. If the gear loop is accidentally used as the belay loop and a fall occurs, it will not rip – keeping the climber from falling to the ground. Streak Rental comes in two sizes.  XS-M with Red belay loop and S-XL with Blue belay loop. Sliding strap on the waist.

Reinforced gear loop.
Clear durable pictograms on the outside of the waistbelt – illustrated methodical pictures
how to attach and secure.
Waist belt includes a small window where bar and QR codes are visible and scanable to
speed up tracking and inspections during rental use.
Durable belay loop

Made in EU.

XS-M (67-85), S-XL (75-100), XXL (80-115)
XS-M (46-60), S-XL (53-69), XXL (60-72)

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Streak Rental


CUS019.956+0234S00010000 € 132,50XS-M859557010311163079098345gEN 12277white + red belay loop
CUS019.956+3456S00010001 € 132,50S-XL859557010294763079098345gEN 12277white + blue belay loop