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The evacuation triangle ALPHA with shoulder straps is designed primarily for evacuation of individuals when using special rope techniques. The evacuation triangle ALPHA is made of an elastic material, which guarantees a snug fit around the evacuee. During an evacuation, this fit allows for comfort, safety and an increased secure feeling for every evacuee from small children to full grown adults.

Different loop colors allow for selecting the optimal size quickly and easily in every situation and the triangle has adjustable shoulder straps.
Evacuation triangle ALPHA can easily be packed into the pocket sewn on the triangle and, once packed, it is a small compact package that easily clips on to a rescuer's harness.
The elastic material ensures easy handling of the evacuation triangle ALPHA even at low temperatures, when other materials can harden and become inflexible.
The materials used in the ALPHA gives it an outstanding low weight.
Only for rescue purposes.

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