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A fully-outfitted, comfortable work harness designed to be versatile and yet offer a low weight. This harness is also suitable for rescuers and rope parks. In fact, it is a synthesis of a sport and work harness. The sit harness can be bought and used separately. It is ideal for big wall climbing

All attachment points are textile.
Contains reflective material for better visibility under difficult conditions.
6 gear loops, belay loop, and shoulders are equipped with slots for small items or tools.
The back attachment point is hidden in a covered pocket and can be removed only when needed.
Strong elastic (accordion-style) strap connecting the legs to the waist belt on the back of the harness, which automatically adjusts and ensures optimum positioning of the legs in relation to the waist at all times (especially climbing vs. sitting).
The back part of the Equip belt is equipped with a steel ring for connecting to the chest harness.

Made in EU.

EQUIP – specialist’s opinion:

People often ask me how I got started in height work. It always makes me smile to remember my sports harness, figure 8 and single static rope. That’s all we needed back then and work was a breeze. True, our approach to safety was more of a vibes thing. Since then a lot has changed and I have to admit, it has improved. With more experience and professional equipment I’m beginning to see more and more with the whole-bodies, that for a lot of work when I’m on the go, walking, etc, classic whole-body harnesses are just too heavy and inconvenient. The sports harness was better. But I can’t wear one of those to work anymore. Couldn’t something be done about it? As time has passed, I’ve talked to developers from various companies and asked them if it would be possible to produce a lighter whole-body. What for? They asked.

Well… So then:

If I have a work-certified sports harness and fully-fledged removable work shoulder straps, that would be much more variable, wouldn’t it?
The weight will be lower and it will be much more comfortable to wear.
If the lumbar section looks like a sports harness, I have no problem wearing it for rock climbing. Saves me money, while keeping comfort.
I climb on construction with fall impact absorbers… Hey, isn’t that basically the same as a via ferrata? Of course! Everything fits, it’s light, the via ferrata gear is attached where it should be, I can easily add clothing, all I need is within reach and I don’t want to carry it in my backpack.
I can use the same equipment to do proper work and have fun at sports activities.
And as a rescue worker, I’m sure we’d also like it.

It can’t be done, was the most common answer. Of course, including lots of reasons why it can’t be done. So probably not… And then we sat down together with the developers from Rock Empire. Their reaction? Great, let’s give it a go. It wasn’t easy, it was a lot of work, but we finally have EQUIP. The first fully-fledged, padded whole-body weighing 1040 g. A bit more with quickdraws. The waist strap has six material loops. The Haul Loop is In the middle of the back (lumbar) section. At the sides are strong textile belts for positioning (EN358). The front abseiling loop is doubled (EN813). The leg loops are connected to the waist belt with an elastic strap (eventually it will also have a buckle like MASTER). Lovely work. And comfy. Thanks, guys. The shoulders are easy to attach to the harness. They have a front and back attachment point (EN361). The fact that you can hide the back attachment point into a pocket under the Hypalon is just the cherry on the cake. The auxiliary shoulder slots are constructed the same as with MASTER or ATLAS, so I don’t have to get used to a different equipment layout. A chest blocker can be easily attached under the front attachment point. Perfect. All the attachment points are textile. Great, but what if I sometimes need metal rings? That’s easy. Because Rock Empire has these great rings that you can take apart – Ring Connect (EN362) that you can easily use with textile attachment points.

In my opinion, this is the best light, fully-fledged, padded whole-body on the market. To tell the truth, in early 2023 when I’m writing this, it really has no competition. Hats off to them, Rock Empire did a great job. I’ve been using it for almost two years and I have to say that EQUIP and MASTER have been the favourite whole-body harnesses of my career.

Mgr. Martin Riedl, DiS.

Height specialist, Instructor for work and rescue at heights and above free depths, Special rope technique instructor, PPE engineering inspector for work at heights and above free depths, Assessment and testing climber for PPE producers for work and rescue at heights and above free depths, Development team collaborator, Co-author of several new products , Voluntary fire brigade member, IRATA member (Level 3), Mountain guide, Co-owner of a firm that designs and installs restraint systems,25 years’ experience – including work and internships abroad

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