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MASTER AL Lock is state of the art full-body harness with a revolutionary waist adjustment system. The waist belt is composed of three pieces, which allows you to purchase one standard size and then customize the sizing to your exact fit requirements. User can move the AL positioning points exactly according to his needs. The harness is also comfortable thanks to the reinforced padded waist belt and leg straps. Wide versatility is also provided by the system of variable slots (in combination with an accessory cord) on the back of the waist belt. For storing small items (such as a knife, etc.), you can use a small slots located on the shoulder straps.

Easy adjustment with AL buckles.
The loose ends of the adjustment straps can be secured with the Clip Smart system.
The connection points are forged from aluminum (RE design), except for the back attachment point, which is rarely used, and is hidden in a covered slot and can be removed when needed, which makes it more comfortable when wearing a backpack. To reduce the overall weight of the harness, this back attachment point is made from reinforced textile. The front attachment point includes a strap with a small aluminum buckle for attaching a chest ascender to the harness.

Strong elastic (accordion-style) straps connecting the legs to the waist on the back of the harness, which automatically adjust and ensure optimum positioning of the legs in relation to the waist at all times now improved with the optiion of accurate adjustment with two buckles.

The back part of the Master AL Lock is connected to the chest harness with a steel ring.

Made in EU.

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Master AL Lock


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