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The Abalak, a version of the English tricam, is a ROCK EMPIRE passive protection device
and among the simplest and most eccentric of anchors. The Abalak can settle into rock
fissures that have parallel sides either horizontally or vertically. Abalak is well suited to
small holes and fissures and, often, it is the only stopper that will work in such situations.

Size Range min./max Strength Weight
1 18-21 mm 6 kN 20 g
2 19-26 mm 6 kN 26 g
3 21-32 mm 10 kN 36 g
4 24-42 mm 10 kN 50 g
5 27-53,5 mm 14 kN 78 g
6 31-63,5 mm 14 kN 116 g

Made in EU.

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Abalak Set


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