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Ga terug Open Sling Work Double PA 25mm 60cm

ROCK EMPIRE now offers a work sling with black webbing on the surface and red fibers inside. Once the red fibers are visible, it is a signal that the sling was damaged and is not suitable for further use.
Strength: 25 kNNorms: CE EN 354, EN 795.B
Another important feature is a unique identification number used on ROCK EMPIRE work harnesses and slings. This number helps to better track the use and to facilitate the monitoring of textile products during inspections.

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Open Sling Work Double PA 25mm 60cm


Artikelnummer#PrijsSize/LengthEANTARICWeight BRUTTOWeight NETTOColour
CPP060.025+0060W00080000 € 15,2560cm8595570192276950699901020008600black