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A pulley with moveable sides.

This small SS-type pulley is appropriate for load-lifting systems and for redirecting ropes. The pulley is appropriate for all kinds of textile rope.

The movable sides allow for easy installation on the rope and connection to the carabiner.
Self-lubricating plain bearings with corresponding efficiency.
Light and compact.
The mini pulley conforms to the requirements of EN 12278: Mountaineering Equipment – Pulleys (Safety Requirements and Test Methods).
Each pulley has its own identification number in the production order. This number improves the record-keeping and monitoring of metal products during maintenance check-ups.

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Pulley small SS


Artikelnummer#PrijsCarrying capacityMaterialBearingsRope diameterNormWeight
ZWP121.000+0000W00000000 € 40,2920 kNAluminiumSlidingup to 11 mmEN12278