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Ga terug Lanyard static rope - Semi static lanyard with two loops

New compact and ergonomic terminalsNFC ready

Semi-static lanyard with two loops for positioning and anchoring. Diameter 11mm.

New compact and ergonomic terminals with rubber protections and integrated NFC chip to ensure quick and safe identification of the serial number.

Protective sheath included on sizes from 1 to 5 m.

On request we provide different sizes with any kind of Kong connector together with the lanyard.

Recommended for
Professional: Work activities
Scaffolding and trestels, Metal structures, Roof and inclined planes

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Lanyard static rope - Semi static lanyard with two loops


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationLoad (kN)Length (m)Weight (g)Rope diameter (mm)Length regulator
278L00060KK1 € 57,98CE EN 354250.610511No
278L00100KK2 € 60,28CE EN 35425113511No
278L00150KK3 € 63,14CE EN 354251.517211No
278L00200KK4 € 66,04CE EN 35425221011No
278L00250KK5 € 68,87CE EN 354252.524811No
278L00500KK6 € 83,22CE EN 35425544011No
278L01000KK7 € 111,93CE EN 354251082011No
278L01500KK8 € 120,35CE EN 3542515120011No
278L02000KK9 € 175,06CE EN 3542520158011No
278L02500KK10CE EN 3542525196011No