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A tandem pulley with stainless steel rollers mounted on high-efficiency ball bearings.

The pulley is also suitable for steel rope.

The two rollers ensure necessary stability during horizontal movement, as well as movement at an angle.
Multiple carabiners can be attached to the pulley at the same time, allowing for easier handling and safer usage.
The tandem pulley conforms to the requirements of EN 12278: Mountaineering Equipment – Pulleys (Safety Requirements and Test Methods).
Each pulley has its own identification number in the production order. This number improves the record-keeping and monitoring of metal products during maintenance check-ups.

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Tandem Pulley


Artikelnummer#PrijsCarrying capacityMaterialBearingsRope diameterNormWeight
ZWP120.000+0000W00000000 € 158,2720 kNAluminiumBallup to 13 mmEN12278