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RING Connect is a fully openable AL ring. Detachable points are connected by two stainless screws. The maximum ring strength (24 kN) is the same at any point around the ring. With a round cross-section and a wall thickness of 13.5 mm, RING Connect is suitable for attaching ropes and lanyards directly to the ring. Thanks
to EN 362 certification, RING Connect can also be used in situations where common carabiners and maillons are not suitable.

Suitable for:

Installation onto textile attachment points on sit- or full-body harnesses.
Creating connections in belay chains.
Connecting the fall arrest absorbers to the connecting and anchoring devices.
Connecting textile horizontal safety systems.
Attaching work equipment to sit- or full-body harnesses.
Connecting the double-action connectors to lanyards etc.
Available in two colors.

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Ring Connect


Artikelnummer#PrijsMajor axis strengthMinor axis strengthGate openingWeightMaterialNormColor
ZRC053.000+0000W00080000 € 47,1925 kN25 kN45 mm75gAluminium Alloy
Stainless Steel (screws)
EN 362:04/Mblack
ZRC053.000+0000W00180001 € 47,1925 kN25 kN45 mm75gAluminium Alloy
Stainless Steel (screws)
EN 362:04/Morange