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A durable, lightweight, versatile and very comfortable helmet for sport climbing,mountaineering, hiking and via ferrata.

The long-proven combination of high-density EPS foam and a low-profile polycarbonate outer shell ensures excellent shock absorption (impact protection) and increased durability of the helmet surface.
The deliberately simple, timeless design of the outer shell is complemented by sophisticated 3D-molded inner padding that makes the helmet fit perfectlyon the head of virtually any user. The proven rotary wheel size adjustment system is ideal for quick and easy size adjustment and contributes to the helmet’s perfect fit on the climber’s head. All 11 ventilation holes are evenly
distributed around its circumference and ensure very effective ventilation even during intense activities or hot summer days.

The versatile GALEOS EVO climbing helmet is the optimal combination of durability, fit, light weight and affordable price. The clear choice for safety in all mountain activities.

The most popular way of adjusting the helmet size, with the rotary wheel, is very intuitive and functional.
The inner padding is completely removable so it can be washed, the mesh material wicks away sweat very well.
The padded chin strap fixes the helmet in the optimal position. It is long enough for use with a balaclava or scarf in colder conditions.
Clips to securely attach any standard headlamp

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Galeos Evo


ZTH008.000+0056S00010000 € 102,91L-XL (57-63 cm)EN 12492272gWhite
ZTH008.000+0056S00050000 € 102,91L-XL (57-63 cm)EN 12492272gRed
ZTH008.000+0056S00130000 € 102,91L-XL (57-63 cm)EN 12492272gGrey
ZTH008.000+0045S00010000 € 102,91M-L (55-60 cm)EN 12492272gWhite
ZTH008.000+0045S00050000 € 102,91M-L (55-60 cm)EN 12492272gRed
ZTH008.000+0045S00130000 € 102,91M-L (55-60 cm)EN 12492272gGrey