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ultra light helmet

You no longer have to choose between lightness and comfort!
This new Kong helmet, thanks to its wide internal padding, provides maximum comfort in just 230g. The molding technology of the external polycarbonate layer, with internal high density polystyrene, provides exceptional shock resistance and an incredibly reduced weight.
Certified to CE EN 12492 for climbing and mountaineering.
The Leef is a great example of structural minimalism. The material that gives it strength is minimized, and present only where necessary. That is what we had in mind during the development of this helmet.
Wear it, you’ll forget you have it on!

Optional: # 997002005KK LEEF PLATES (2 pcs) for mounting headphones

Product chosen by CNSAS - National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps

Available the customized version with CAI logo

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialColourWeight (g)SizeCircumference (cm)
997002G00KK0 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonateGreen230UNI54-61
997002R00KK1 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonateRed230UNI54-61
997002D00KK2 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonateGrey-Blue230UNI54-61
997002W00KK3 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonateWhite230UNI54-61
997002P00KK4 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonatePetrol230UNI54-61
997002Z00KK5 € 167,90EN 12492 UIAAPolicarbonateYellow230UNI54-61