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evacuation triangle

Pegasus is the advanced KONG evacuation triangle for rescue.
Designed for a very easy and rapid evacuation of injured person; very low weight (690g).
Its 15 indipendent attachment loops make it adaptable, rapidly and safely, to all body sizes from children to adults.
This product, max. load 200Kg, guarantees its use also for overweight people.
Pegasus is conform to CE and EAC norms and to the requirements of the EASA Certification Memorandum CM-CS-005.
The rear handle can be used to connect a guide rope or to insert in the cabin the retrieved person.
The supplementary shoulder straps (# 873.10) allow the use of Pegasus in narrows and difficult places (ladders, tunnels, etc).
Universal size, made in Italy of strong Nylon and Cordura.
Conform to CE EN 1498/B.
New carriage bag, ergonomic, compact and equipped with attachment point for harness or helicopter winch
Available on request in Camouflage version (Terrestrial, Desert, Arctic).
High quality, made in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialSizeWeight (g)Colour
873000000KK1 € 210,69CE EN 1498/BNylon
87300M000KK1EN 1498/BNylon CorduraUNI690Camou