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Lightweight gloves conceived for belay and double rope use, they combine the strength of a work glove with the precision and sensitivity of a thin glove.

Excellent also for use in work and rescue situations.

The double-layered leather protects the most exposed parts of the hand.

The elastic back, made with breathable nylon, is abrasion-resistant and ensures optimum wearability and comfort.

Elastic wrist with Velcro closure.

Made of smooth and soft leather for a perfect balance between strength and sensitivity.

Reinforced thumb and index finger, with special rubber for durability during rope handling.

Available in 4 sizes from S to XL.

Certified to CE EN 388 (4-2-4-3).

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Skin Gloves


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialColourWeight (g)Size
95205N002KK1 € 43,92CE EN 388: 2003Leather/Nylon/RubberBlack75S
95205N004KK2 € 43,92CE EN 388: 2003Leather/Nylon/RubberBlack80M
95205N006KK3 € 43,92CE EN 388: 2003Leather/Nylon/RubberBlack85L
95205N007KK4 € 43,92CE EN 388: 2003Leather/Nylon/RubberBlack90XL