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Work and positioning harness, extremely light and comfortable.

Equipped with three anchor points (ventral, sternal and dorsal) and two lateral positioning rings in light alloy, which can be locked in the closed position to prevent accidental entanglement.
Ample padding to guarantee maximum comfort; lightened waistband to increase breathability, and superior padding with ergonomic shaping.
Removable upper part which can be completely disconnected via the small, light alloy connector.
Predisposed for connecting the Hammock seat, thanks to two textile loops sewn frontally on the waistband.
Two loops on the shoulder straps where the Diapason system can be connected for vertical recovery.
The waistbelt is equipped with two large gear loops and four textile loops for directly connecting tool bags. In addition, there are two other passages for captive insertion of gear-holding connectors.
Predisposed for mounting the chest ascenders Futura bod Clean and Cam Clean via specific webbing with rings already installed.
Rear attachment ring is positioned high on the back to allow backpacks and/or oxygen cylinders to be carried; this ring is also oriented in order to avoid accidental entanglement in the event of recovery from a confined space.
Equipped with NFC chip to facilitate product traceability and to speed up periodic inspections.
Accessories included: two special textile gear holder loops that can be placed on the shoulder straps or on the belt, removable with velcro.
Available in three sizes (S, M / L and XL).
150 Kg certification
High quality, Made In Italy!

NFC Ready

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)SizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)
8W9852000KK0 € 484,73EN 12277/C EN 361 EN 358 EN 12277/A EN 8131500S65 / 8545 / 60
8W9853000KK1 € 484,73EN 12277/C EN 361 EN 358 EN 12277/A EN 8131800M/L75 / 10050 / 65/
8W9854000KK2 € 484,73EN 12277/C EN 361 EN 358 EN 12277/A EN 8132000XL85 / 12055 / 70/