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If you like sports and spend time with your four-legged pet, so do not hesitate to try a sport called "canicross" - running with the dog. Just use your determination to run out and enjoy the moments together with your dog. The harness is available in two colours.

An ultra-light, ergonomic harness for canicross, dog trekking and leisurely runs with a dog
Optimally arranged move which respects nature of human movement
One size
Reflective strip on waist belt to keep running safe
Extending tie-in point

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Artikelnummer#PrijsEANTARICWeight BRUTTOWeight NETTOColour
CUC006.956+0000S00050000 € 61,718595570102725950699901730016780red
CUC006.956+0000S00070000 € 61,718595570102732950699901730016780blue
CUC006.956+0000S00080000 € 61,718595570103050950699901730016780black